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Join the #CoffeeConversations

To start 2018 on a high, we’ve recently launched our #CoffeeConversations campaign which will run until the end of March. Under this campaign, we’ve got a string of offers and events lined up to help expand your coffee knowledge and spread that warm, roasted love.

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The first reason behind us promoting this campaign is to encourage and engage our lovely team to educate our lovely customers (that’s you lot) about the endless and expanding world of coffee. With this in mind, we’ve got an offer running through until the 28th to help us show the variety in flavour profiles between two different origins or roasting methods. So when you buy a Flat White, Aeropress, Espresso or Espresso Macchiato in our House or Guest roast, you will be offered an espresso taster in the opposite bean to compare. Double whammy! Oh, and as an added bonus, once you’ve decided which roast is your fave, we can even make your Espresso Martini to order. If that doesn’t make you want to come and try them all, I don’t know what will. Read a bit more about the coffees we have on offer here. > CLICK!

Reason number two behind #CoffeeConversations is the notion that ‘grabbing a coffee’ means so much more than just the coffee itself. We want to highlight the responsibility that we have as a brand, and recognise that what happens to any one of our customers in a day is completely unique, and therefore the way that they engage with their experience in-store will be too. It can mean a catch up and a cocktail with a loved one. It can mean treating Mum to brunch on her birthday. It can mean some alone time with a cappuccino and a good book. Whether it requires a secluded corner or a group table, there are countless reasons for someone to visit BEAR, and we want to know what yours is.

To get involved, just post a picture of your BEAR experience to Instagram or Facebook, captioned with your reason behind visiting and tagged with #CoffeeConversations. If your photo gets a cheeky repost on to one of our accounts, you will win one of the hundreds of prizes that we’ve got up for grabs! Winnerrrr!

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