Sponsor a Barista! - #bemoreBEAR

Sponsor a Barista!



Here’s to the Espresso Pullers and the Milk Slingers. The Avocado Smashers and the Egg Poachers. The Fruit Muddlers and the Cocktail Shakers. The patterned-shirt-wearing, big-boot-stomping, too-trendy-for-their-own-good Baristas, Chefs and Team Members who open our doors and keep us fed and watered every single day.

With the circumstances as weird and uncertain as they are at the moment, there’s no denying that things have been difficult for everyone in our whole industry. But through all of these new important implementations, restrictions and limitations, our entire team have been - in a word - incredible.

Even though we were forced to ‘officially’ limit our opening hours, so many of them still came in early and stayed late (off their own back, as volunteers) just to make sure that all of our lovely loyal regulars and everyone in the local community is topped up on their fill of coffee and brunch and all the usual treats. They’ve been pooling all of their resources to help each other across stores, reacting quickly where needed and constantly working with BEAR’s best interests in their hearts.

Now our stores are all closed, our biggest focus at the moment is on keeping this wonderful BEAR family together through all this craziness. With a little help from you fabulous lot, we’re confident that we can do it.

A one off payment of £20 can keep one Barista topped up with a month’s supply of avocados, boot wax and beard oil (or whatever other hipster stuff they want to spend it on). They’ve definitely earned it.