Brew Tea Co. Tea Pot & Green Tea Bundle - #bemoreBEAR

Brew Tea Co. Tea Pot & Green Tea Bundle

Brew Tea Co


Our Brew Tea Co. Tea Pot & Loose Leaf Tea bundles are a match made in heaven. Get the ideal at-home tea setup delivered right to your doorstep. Here's what's included:


Brew Tea Co. Tea Pot

This is Brew Tea Co.’s original tea pot - a classic bit of kit and a must-have for all loose leaf tea drinkers.

This 'per person' tea pot means you can do tea properly at home, pot-by-pot, so you can brew your favourite blend to your preferred strength and have one perfect cup of tea every time.

This tea pot doesn't have a basket, meaning the rolled whole leaves have more space to absorb more water - which in turn makes for a better tasting pot of tea. Also, because it's made of borosilicate glass you can see exactly what's going on inside, it's tough, and safe for the dishwasher.


Green Tea

Green Tea is all about the balance - loads of flavour and minimal bitterness. It's a seasonal thing, so we taste a lot, but it's always a Yunnan as we love the hoppy, summer greens.


What You're Brewing: Yunnan Green Tea


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