BEAR Head Office

Meet the head office team! We might seem like we know what we're doing, but we're really just a bunch of big kids playing with coffee...

BEAR Head Office Team

There they are. The bunch of beautiful faces behind BEAR. Day-to-day, BEAR's Head Office is a room full of clever people doing important things, with a big chunk of silliness thrown in for good measure. We're a super tight-knit team, so if you mess with one of us, you mess with aaaaall of us...

Here's what everyone gets up to:



Co-Founder of BEAR, Part-Time Hipster, and Father to (future Rock Star) Isaac Zane and (future Girl Boss) Indie Faith. We don't mean to inflate his ego, but BEAR was basically Craig's idea. He's super focussed on getting everything right, and his motivation is dangerously infectious. Craig does all the networking with all the important people, so be prepared - if you meet him, he'll probably turn you in to BEAR's biggest fan before the end of the conversation.



The real brains behind the outfit. Michael is BEAR's other Co-Founder, and Craig's BFF. He's pretty much a one man band playing the roles of HR, Operations, Accounts, Payroll, and general Big Boss. He looks after all the behind-the-scenes stuff that keeps the stores afloat, as well as keeping the whole BEAR family in check. Michael's also got two gorgeous young sons, so you could say he's got his hands full... Just a bit.



Chris joined the team in August 2016 as an Investor & Director, and has helped Craig and Michael to develop a growth strategy to help them keep opening more stores (yay, Chris!). He's got some serious brains, and despite his experience, he's probably the biggest kid of us all. Chris is also really in to running... and drinking Flat Whites, obviously.



Oh Cookie, she's the Coffee Queen! Lou is in charge of our biggest asset, and (you'll probably agree) it couldn't be in safer hands. She lives and breathes coffee, and she works really closely with our roasters and lovely baristas to make sure that every cup served in store is tip-top delicious. She bobs around between stores, so pop in and see her - she's got some insanely impressive coffee knowledge (and curls), and she just wants to share it with the world!



If you're visiting a new city and you're looking for somewhere exciting to eat, just ask this guy. Terran creates all of our menus, working with the Chefs in-store to get everything up-to-scratch before it lands on your plate. He's also the genius behind the majority of our cocktails so, yeah, he's a man of many talents. Terran is outnumbered at home by his 3 little girls, but still manages to find time to stay updated on all the exciting goings-on in the food world. Hero.



Always last off the dance floor and arguably the biggest beer drinker of us all - introducing Hattie Shaw, Marketing Manager and Chief Instagram Shopper. Hattie juggles many tasks from strategy development to brand management across all areas of our business, keeping everyone in check and driving forward the crazy ideas that come from Head Office and our stores. She’s also the brains behind every pun, status update and review response that keeps BEAR in touch with our wonderful customers, so if you’ve ever engaged with us online, now you know who was at the other end of the keyboard. Yay!