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Sustainably sourced, speciality grade coffees delivered
straight to your door.

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Tried & Tested

Served to thousands of happy customers across our stores, every single day


Sustainably sourced coffees in plastic free, compostable or recyclable packaging


Set up a subscription and we’ll deliver your favourite coffee direct to your door, yay!

Don’t just take our word for it...

BEAR Coffee Subscriptions
“Hands down this is some of the best coffee I have ever experienced.”
Ashley, Google Reviews

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Subscribe & Save the Planet

For every box of speciality coffee pods sold, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf via our partners, ON A MISSION. For coffee subscriptions, we’ll plant a tree whenever we send out your top-ups. Every. Single. Time.

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We've planted over 1,500 trees

Try our 100% Compostable Coffee Pods

Plastic Free

Plastic Free

Zero Plastic. Zero Aluminium. Fully Compostable.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted

We’ll plant a tree every time we send you a refill.

Letterbox Friendly

Letterbox Friendly

Packaged neatly into a letterbox-friendly parcel

Get started
We’ll plant a tree every time we send you arefill.

Build your subscription

Choose your coffee, let us know how often you’d like it delivered, then we’ll wrap it up in nice, recyclable packaging and pop it in the post at your chosen intervals. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Nespresso® Compatible Pods


Nespresso® Compatible Pods

get started from £9.90 with code GIVEMECOFFEE
Whole Bean or Ground Coffee


Whole Bean or Ground Coffee

get started from £11.20 per month

The Roasts ☕️

Not sure which coffee to go for? Swipe through the cards and pick your fave!


Meet the Hometown roast. It’s an all-rounder, a fan favourite and your new best friend. We roast all Hometown coffees to pair beautifully with milk, but also to really hit the spot when brewed without.


The Adventure roast is all about discovering new flavours and trying something different, so this coffee is ideal for those of you who are eager to branch out and learn more about the (endless!) world of coffee that’s out there. If you want to find out which coffee origins and flavours you’re really in to, give the Adventure roast a go.


All of the usual BEAR speciality coffee flavour you know and love, but without that pesky caffeine. The coffees we select as Decafs are decaffeinated using the chemical-free Swiss Water® Process, meaning the caffeine is carefully extracted without taking the flavour with it.


Struggling to commit to one coffee? We know the feeling. Our Discovery box gives you 10 pods of each of our core roasts, so you can try ’em all and pick your fave, or you can just stick with the combo! No judgement here. Just think - you could turn your coffee jar in to a lucky dip where you win... Every. Single. Time.

Wake up

As a robusta variety, this coffee is naturally higher in caffeine and designed to give you a much-needed kick whenever you need it, without compromising that well-known BEAR coffee quality and flavour. We’ve put our hearts and souls in to finding the perfect balance of body, quality & intensity, and - without wanting to toot our own trumpet - we’re pretty confident that we’ve nailed it. Give it a go, and before you know it the sun will be shining out of your... coffee cup.

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