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Our mission

We’ve chosen to partner with ON A MISSION to sustainably reforest mountain sides, revive natural habitats, restore native ecosystems, help local farmers become part of the solution and - through all of this - help to solve the climate change challenge through sustainable reforestation.

For every box of subscription coffee (pods or beans) that we send out to you, we’ll plant a tree on your behalf. Just think: you could literally plant a whole forest before you’ve finished your morning coffee. Pretty cool.

Compostable Coffee Pod
Coffee that plants trees.
Who knew magic WAS
actually real?! ☕️✨🌳
We've planted over 1,500 trees

Tastes good.
Does good. 🌍

Do you care as much about the planet as you do about your morning brew? All of the coffees we roast are sustainably sourced, all of our packaging is plastic-free, and our Nespresso® Compatible coffee pods are 100% compostable. Treat yourself to great tasting coffee and do your bit for the planet.

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Choose BEAR coffee pods

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Zero Plastic. Zero Aluminium. Even our packaging is recyclable!

Coffee Pod Coffee Pod Shadow

Fully Compostable

Our pods are made from renewable materials and are 100% compostable

Locally Roasted

Roasted, ground and packed at our roastery in the Midlands, UK

Plant a tree

For every box of speciality coffee pods sold, we plant a tree on your behalf

Forest Transition

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