Araku, India - Compostable Nespresso® Coffee Pods by BEAR
Araku, India - Compostable Nespresso® Coffee Pods by BEAR
Araku, India - Compostable Nespresso® Coffee Pods by BEAR


Araku, India - Compostable Nespresso® Coffee Pods

Each box contains x30 compostable coffee pods.

100% Compostable Pods

Origin: Araku Valley, Visakhapatnam
Harvest: December - February
Varieties: SLN 5, SLN 795, SLN 9
Process: Natural
Altitude: 907 - 1282 masl
Flavour: Strawberry

Compostable, Nespresso Pods from BEAR. Zero Plastic, Zero Aluminium


Coffee delivered direct to your door

We've been slinging espresso and pouring filter coffee for over six years across our stores. Now you can enjoy the same sustainably sourced speciality coffee at-home as whole beans, freshly ground or our new 100% compostable, Nespresso® compatible coffee pods.

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Discover better coffee from BEAR. 100% Compostable, Nespresso Coffee Pods or Speciality Whole Bean Coffee

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I’m used to supermarket pods so these were a revelation! Each pod style has a completely different flavour and it’s great that they’re so much kinder to the environment.

JB, Trustpilot

About BEAR. Discover better coffeeThe coffee at BEAR is sustainably sourced and crafted to realised the most potential out of each origin. All of our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered into our stores, or direct to your home or office.

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