Brew Tea Co English Breakfast Loose Leaf tea Gift Set with Tea and Tea Pot

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English Breakfast Loose Leaf Gift Set

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Know that one person who would love a tea upgrade? Us too. This gift set will start them off with that malty classic, English Breakfast, plus all the kit they need to brew, all in a stylish gift box that screams ‘tea sophistication’.

Brew Tea Co.'s Loose Leaf Starter Kit has been a best-selling gift since they launched it. What more could you need to give the gift of loose leaf tea to a friend? That’s why they decided it was finally time to give it the attention it deserved and boxed it up ready to go. All you’ll need is the bow.

This Loose Leaf Starter Gift Set contains: 1 x Tea Pot For One, 1 x Scoop, 1 x 113g English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea. Choose whether you'd prefer your Tea Pot lid and scoop handle to be black or yellow.

Tea Pot For One
Brew Tea Co. Tea Pots make tastier cups of tea - there’s no basket, meaning the rolled whole leaves have tons of space to absorb more water. The bonus of a strong glass pot like this means you also get to watch those leaves unfurl as they brew.

Thanks to some clever design work, a level scoop of rolled whole leaves gets you the ideal portion of tea for the pot every time - no matter which Brew Tea Co. blend you’re drinking. Easy, tasty loose leaf tea.

English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea
The tasty richness of an Indian Assam tea blended with the light refreshment of a Ceylon tea means Brew Tea Co.'s English Breakfast is a perfectly balanced, malty classic. Milk totally optional.

What you're brewing: Assam Black Tea, Ceylon Black Tea



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