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ivy & ginger • Leaf Print Stud Earrings

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Black studs with mustard, green and pink leaf details.

These are a lovely 20mm in size with silver surgical stainless steel posts and butterfly fastenings.

These earrings are hand-painted by ivy & ginger. The sealant process has been updated to eradicate the need for varnish so the products are even more eco-friendly. This gives the jewellery a ‘naked’ feel. The jewellery feels bare but be assured it is sealed, protected and even has a UV resistant attribute.

Behind the Brand

ivy and ginger is a jewellery brand specialising in fashion-forward, eco-friendly wooden jewellery.

"Based in my home studio in Staffordshire I create sustainable, unique and vibrant jewellery. I create a mixture of predominantly hand-painted items, with some products produced from my artwork and then digitally printed. I have a big love for colour and pattern and you can always find this reflected in my work.

Sustainability is at the heart of my business and I work hard to ensure that my products remain as eco-conscious as possible. With this in mind, I choose all of my supplies to be sourced from other UK small businesses. It’s so important to me that my small business supports others - whilst also helping reduce the environmental impact by saving imports from overseas.

My business name is all about my Nan and me. My Nan, Ivy, always supported my creative endeavours and taught me how to knit, cross stitch and bake from a very young age amongst other things. I would often spend my weekends at her kitchen table drawing comic books or making her bookmarks, and once even a very wonky knitted scarf! She always believed in me and I always hear her tell me…

“I knew you would do it, you always doubt yourself with everything you do but you always do it no matter how long it takes you, you need to believe in yourself and you will do anything you want”

My Nan pushed my creativity and always believed in me, so it seems only right I dedicate my passion for creating my jewellery to her and this way I get to take her along with me."

Nicky (ginger)

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