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Kip Candle Co. • Embers Candle

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Earthy and cosy. The aroma of moss covered firewood being put onto the log burner. Embers is warming-up by the campfire after a long, chilly Winter hike. An evening spent reading a story by the fire. The excitement of placing that all important plate of mince pies and sherry by the fire on Christmas Eve.

Woodsmoke // Moss // Amber

Mini Traveller, 3 oz

25hr burn time
Double eco cotton wick
Kip Candle Co.'s Mini Traveller candles are designed to be burned for a maximum of 2-3 hrs at a time. Burning for longer may cause your candle to over heat and compromise the wicks.


Original Silver, 11 oz

50hr burn time
Wood wick
This candle comes as standard in a 100% cotton hand-dyed carry bag (the colour you receive will be pot luck, they are varied seasonally). 'Carry bags' are hand-dyed and should therefore be hand-washed separately and kept away from materials that may stain until after the first few washes.