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Las Palomas, Costa Rica



Las Palomas, Costa Rica - 250g / Whole Beans is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

At BEAR, all of our coffees are single origin, speciality grade beans. They are always sustainably sourced and traded fairly with the farm or co-operative to ensure all parties are happy! When the beans reach our roastery in Staffordshire, they are carefully roasted and profiled before being dialled in to our grinders to serve in-store or sent out for you to brew at home. Either way, you need to try ‘em!


Finca Las Palomas is run by the Garbanzo family and is named due to the various birds that can be found in the region. Don Jorge Monge Garbanzo inherited the farm from his parents in 1993, which he now runs with his wife, Flor Mayela Garcia Valverde, and their children.

During processing, the coffee cherry is moved intermittently to promote even drying and to avoid over fermentation, as well as being regularly sorted as the drying progresses to ensure superior quality. Once dried to the desired moisture content, the cherry is collected and packaged into poly bags for resting. It is stored in-cherry until the hulling process (removing the dried fruit and skin), followed by further sorting and grading.

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