Leave No Trace Vegan Leather Snack Pouch 2

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace • Vegan Leather Snack Pouch, Black

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This washable paper snack bag is super cool and super handy. It is made from thick, tear-resistant and machine washable paper (yeah, paper!) which is sometimes known as vegan leather.

It has a brushed brass popper closure so will keep your snacks in the pack and not at the bottom of your bag. Perfect for nuts, dried fruit or choccy buttons if it's a cheat day.

You can even use it to keep pet treats in when you're out and about. The fabric will be fairly stiff at first but will soften up with use and take on an aged look.

It can be machine washed up to 40 degrees or can be dunked in your washing up bowl and rinsed thoroughly which will help the ageing process. Measures approx 10cm x 20cm x 3cm


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