Note and Shine Self-Love Decl of 40 Affirmation Cards

Note and Shine

Note and Shine • Self-Love Deck (Affirmation Cards)

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40 lovingly hand-illustrated affirmation cards. Designed to guide you to bring more self-love into your daily life, by taking you on a magical journey of deep connection with your inner being.

Pull your cards intuitively or choose ones that you need to hear at any given moment and place them in your space, add them to your journal or simply affirm the words aloud. These are just a few ways to use the cards; they will be yours to use in whichever way speaks to you the most.

Perfect as a gift for yourself or for a loved one.


40 affirmation cards (Size A6)

Luxury keepsake box, made with recycled materials and a paper covering made from sustainable forests (12cm x 17cm)

Instructions of use on the back of the box

Cards printed with vegetable inks and sustainable luxury 350gsm FSC card stock

Produced in the UK

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