Sol Y Cafe, Peru (Decaf) - Single Origin Speciality Coffee #bemoreBEAR

San Pedro de Capucas, Honduras (Decaf)



At BEAR, all of our coffees are single origin, speciality grade beans. They are always sustainably sourced and traded fairly with the farm or co-operative to ensure all parties are happy! When the beans reach our roastery in Staffordshire, they are carefully roasted and profiled before being dialled in to our grinders to serve in-store or sent out for you to brew at home. Either way, you need to try ‘em!


Our decaf roast originates from San Pedro de Capucas, Copán, located near Mayan ruins on the Western side of Honduras. The land was repurposed in the 1950’s from growing tobacco to coffee production, and the Capucas community have since worked very hard on their coffee quality and consistency.

The Capucas Cooperative is involved in many initiatives to improve the lives of workers and the local community. 99.9% of the caffeine in this roast is removed using the completely chemical-free Swiss Water Process.

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