Beginners Brew Guide: AeroPress

Beginners Brew Guide: AeroPress

We love the AeroPress at BEAR: it’s simple, versatile, portable and makes a great cup of coffee. It’s also a great brewing device to understand how changing different variables impacts the final coffee. For these reasons it’s clear to see why the AeroPress is a brewing method beloved by beginners and connoisseurs alike!
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There are heaps of AeroPress methods and recipes out there to try, but here’s a nice simple single cup recipe to get you started!


  • An AeroPress.
  • AeroPress filter papers.
  • An AeroPress paddle or a spoon to stir with.
  • 14g of medium-fine grind coffee, roughly the consistency of table salt. 13 clicks on Comandante.
  • 240g of water, just off the boil.
  • A set of scales, ideally to 0.1g accuracy.
  • A timer (phones are fab too).
  • A vessel to plunge into.
  • Your favourite cup to drink from.


  1. Grind your coffee beans of choice to a medium-fine ground, roughly the consistency of table salt.
  2. Grab 2 filter papers and pop them into the filter cap. Pre-wetting your filter paper is a super important step that will help to get rid of any papery tastes from the filter. Carefully pour a touch of your hot water through the filter until it has rinsed all the way through. Reattach the filter cap to the chamber.
  3. Preheat your AeroPress chamber and brewing vessel with hot water. Discard once this has all dripped through.
  4. Pop everything onto your scales and zero them. Pop in your 14g of ground coffee.
  5. Start your timer and carefully pour over 240g of 95°c water. Use your AeroPress paddle or a spoon to agitate your brew, ensuring all coffee grounds are wet.
  6. Pop your plunger on at a slight angle and pull back slightly to prevent any further dripthrough. Remove everything from your scales and place on to a flat surface. Make sure you’re not plunging on your scales as this will break them!
  7. Once your timer hits 1:40, begin the plunge! Pop both hands on top of your brewer and lean slightly into it with a nice even pressure.
  8. Once you hear a hiss, stop and pull back your plunger slightly. Remove the filter cap, hold your brewer over a bin and plunge the remainder to easily empty your AeroPress with minimal mess.
  9. Pour your brew and enjoy!



ALWAYS pre-wet your filter paper. This will improve the overall quality of your brew and get rid of any unwanted papery tastes, but watch those fingers while pouring!

Tasting too sour? Slightly extend your brewing time before plunging.

Tasting too bitter? Try shortening your brewing time before plunging.

Where possible, try and grind your beans as and when needed. This will ultimately help to keep your coffee as fresh as possible and your brew tasting delicious!