Coffee Beans Subscription - Adventure


Coffee Beans Subscription - Adventure

Grind:Whole Beans


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About BEAR. Discover better coffeeThe coffee at BEAR is sustainably sourced and crafted to realised the most potential out of each origin. All of our coffee is freshly roasted and delivered into our stores, or direct to your home or office.

Adventure Range

For the explorers! Our Adventure range is ideal for those of you who love to try new things and discover new flavours. Each coffee is lovingly chosen based on it having some more funky, exciting and complex flavour profiles that are loads of fun to brew.

☕️ Speciality grade coffee
🌱 Sustainably sourced
🤝 Fairly Traded

Please note that all roasts are seasonal, therefore the origin of the coffee will change periodically. We carefully hand select all of the coffees we roast to fit in to each of our ranges, so although the beans will change, we're confident that you'll still love them regardless.

Sustainably and ethically sourced

Compostable, Nespresso Pods from BEAR. Zero Plastic, Zero Aluminium

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Hands down, this is some of the best coffee I have ever experienced.

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