BEAR Derby is 1 month old!

BEAR Derby is 1 month old!

It’s been a whole month since our brand-spanking-new BEAR Derby store opened, and in case you couldn’t tell, we’ve been a little bit excited about it. I mean, can you blame us? Just look at it… LOOK!
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Launch week saw us throw a few exclusive parties for a few very lucky people, and it’s safe to say that they went down an absolute storm. Monday 27th November was our brunch launch, to give our shiny new Derby staff some practice in dealing with a busy morning service. We fed lots of local companies with lots of yummy free food, and gallons of beautiful coffees were poured. Everyone was chomping away very happily and it was super exciting to see the place so full!

We had lots of local bloggers come along and they all wrote super lovely things about us. Read a bit more here:

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