Top 10 Gift Ideas to Support Local Business

Top 10 Gift Ideas to Support Local Business

As this year's made us all truly appreciate all that indie businesses do for our High Streets, we thought we'd put together a list of Christmas Gift Ideas to help you support some of the many amazing independents that we know and love.
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1. Darwin & Gray
Stacey handpaints and prints the most beautiful lettered banners and goodies from her studio in Derbyshire. Some festive, some inspirational, some just plain cheeky.

Darwin & Gray


2. Design 44
These guys are a real one-stop-wonder for prezzies, homewares, cards, pretty much anything you can think of. They stock work by loads of amazing local artists and designers, and the team there are so lovely, too!

Design 44


3. Project D
Know someone that likes doughnuts? Try these guys out. I mean, they don't even need any explanation - just look at those pictures...

 Project D


4. Telegramme Paper Co.
Brighten up walls and shelves with the huuuuuge range of incredible prints that the lovely peeps at Telegramme have up for grabs. Yay!

Telegramme Paper Co. 

5. Kip Candle Co.
Hand-poured, sustainable soy wax candles a-go-go! These babies smell b-e-a-utiful and last for aaaaages, plus they have gorgeous scents to suit everyone's homes.

Kip Candle Co. 

6. Burleigh Pottery
Burleigh's iconic blue patterns are instantly recognisable. Their new 'Collection One' range is made up of gorgeous new patterns with perfectly-sized coffee and espresso cups... Yep, we do always have coffee on the brain...

Burleigh Pottery


7. Brew Tea Co.
If you've had a cup of tea at BEAR, it will have come from these guys. Their fabulously-designed, gorgeous-to-look-at range of teas and brewing accessories will bring any kitchen countertop to life! Yay!

Brew Tea Co.


8. Abigail Wastie
Know someone crafty? Take a look at Abigail's stuff. She runs various textiles workshops and puts together amazing make-it-at-home kits too. She's also an advocate for sustainable fashion and upcycling old clothes... and we want to steal her whole wardrobe.

Abi Wastie


9. Harriet's Plants
Harriet is an absolute plant WHIZZ. Everything she sells, she's grown in her own greenhouse, always environmentally conscious and always in peat-free soil. She also does vids on her instagram offering care tips for houseplants too so at a minimum, go give her a follow!

Harriet's Plants


10. BEAR
Call us immodest, but we couldn't make a list full of gifty goodies and leave ourselves off! Coffee, tea, accessories, all kinds of treats - click here > to shop our gift ideas collection.