Sport Relief

BEAR to BEAR and back again! Sport Relief 2018

On Saturday 17th March, we cycled over 100 miles to raise money for Sport Relief. Our team hopped on static bikes and cycled the distance between our Uttoxeter and Derby sites, and back again! 
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To make it even better, we were all dressed up in our best (worst) silly costumes while we were doing it, and of course there were cameras going around to capture everyone looking like idiots.

If you didn't make it down to see us (struggling to) cycle, below you'll find some visual evidence that we actually made it! Between our two stores, we cycled well over 100 miles and raised over £350. Yay! We can't tell you how much we appreciate every single penny that you generous lot threw in to the buckets on Saturday - it's made the achey legs worthwhile.

Sport Relief 2018
Cycling at BEAR for Sport Relief