Christmas Wreath Workshop

Christmas Wreath Making with Breige

On Monday 10th December, we paired up with our lovely pal and local florist, Flowers by Breige, to host a super-festive Christmas Wreath Workshop at BEAR Stone.
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We popped some Prosecco, nibbled some cake, and took over the mezzanine space! Breige brought a huuuuge variety of beautiful flowery treats to choose from - so much that no two wreaths were even remotely similar! We began with an introduction to Wreath design and some coaching from Breige to get us all started.

From there, we were let loose on the table of colourful goodies, adding cinnamon sticks, eucalyptus, dried fruits, feathers and all sorts to build our wreaths up and add some individuality!

We were joined by a group of 8 ladies, all with different artistic abilities, and the results were absolutely incredible! Scroll down to see the final results! :)

Christmas Wreath Workshop at BEAR Stone

Christmas Wreath Workshop at BEAR Stone