Compostable Takeaway Cups

Compostable takeaway cups

It's not always easy to know where the things we consume are coming from. By taking the time to ask, or researching in to the origins of these things, we can all be a little more clued up in our fight to save the planet!
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Taking small steps is a great start, from ditching plastic straws (the ones we are using in-store currently are made from biodegradable corn starch, magic!) to treating yourself to a nice canvas tote rather than relying on single-use carrier bags, there are things that we can all do to reduce our impact on the planet. Which brings me on to the new takeaway cups that you may have seen sneaking in to our stores just recently…

A long long time ago, we changed our takeaway cups from the original white paper cups we had been using to a far more eco-friendly, compostable alternative. If you’ve had a takeaway coffee from us over the past year or two, it will have been served in a brown biodegradable paper cup that was super eco-friendly, but also super dull-looking. A few months ago, we decided it was about time that we made them look a little prettier.

With the latte levy looming, and a widespread consciousness around the importance of recycling and taking care of our planet, we decided to add a little dash of creativity and whimsy in to our fight against waste takeaway cups. We’re amongst a whole heap of coffee houses working hard to uphold our environmental responsibilities and reduce the amount of waste we produce as a business. Our new cups are still fully compostable, but this time they’ve got an all-new look.

You may remember seeing a post on Facebook a little while ago asking for opinions on a potential new cup design that we’d been working on. Well, we actually received a suuuuuper positive response from this post, so we worked on the design a little more to get it perfect, and then we sent it off to a big-time coffee cup printer to make our very own personalised, eco-friendly cups. Yay! The new cups display the base colour of our goooorgeous Flat White cups from BEAR Derby and BEAR Stone, with an overlay of colourful hand signs, reading “BEAR” in British Sign Language. Just loooooook at them:



Latte art skills by Joe, one of our fabulous baristas in Uttoxeter. Click on the image above to see more from him!


You may be wondering why we chose that design… Well, coffee houses are all about socialising, so we thought we’d have a bit of fun whilst highlighting the importance of all of us making the effort to grow our awareness around different ways of communicating, as it helps us break barriers and become a more inclusive community. Get learning!

BEAR Sign Language

Nevertheless, although we’re super excited about our new design, we understand that disposable cups definitely aren’t the long-term answer. Over the next couple of months, keep your eye on our Facebook & Instagram pages - we’ll be giving away some super-cool reusable cups that you can use to help make your morning takeaway coffee that little bit more eco-friendly, no effort required.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, we also offer a 10% discount to anyone who brings their own reusable cup when ordering a takeaway coffee. Save the planet, and a few pennies!


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