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Coffee & Clothes

You may have seen Facebook job posts, heard rumours, or even been told by our team members, but allow us to officially announce possibly our most exciting news EVER. 
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Someone pinch us, we still can’t quite believe it…

Over the past couple of months we’ve been secretly working on this project but now we’ve actually signed along the dotted line for our shiny new brand partnership with none other than the super-trendy clothing brand that really know how to party… JACK WILLS.

Let us set the scene on how this insanely exciting new project has come to fruition:

In early 2018 Jack Wills’ Global Property Director, Neil Beaman, was visiting their new store in Derby (around the corner from us) and decided to pop in to BEAR for a coffee. Neil was immediately impressed with the product and customer service and - after hearing more about the story behind BEAR from Craig & Michael - was excited by the prospect of working together, starting with a prime spot inside Jack Wills’ flagship store in Soho… then the rest is history!

Of course, when an opportunity like this arises it’s difficult not to grab it with both hands and get carried away, but this partnership genuinely feels great for us. There are clear correlations between the audience, vision and core values of BEAR and Jack Wills and we’re so excited to explore them.

As well as serving up our sustainably-sourced, speciality coffee from 7.30am each day, we’ll also be offering a range of wine, craft beer and our signature cocktails (yay!) which will be available from 5pm. Alongside the Flat Whites and Espresso Martinis, there will be plenty of sweet treats and freshly baked goods up for grabs if you’re in need of a little indulgence. We’ll also be working on organising lots of fun live music events and free-to-attend workshops on topics including coffee brewing, art and exclusive product launches in collaboration with Jack Wills.

BEAR x Jack Wills be opening in Soho, London as of Spring 2019. If you’re down that way, please pop in and say hello! :)

(Keep your eye on our BEAR Soho location page for more updates.)