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V60 Coffee Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: V60

It’s brew time! This week, I’ll be showing us how to brew the perfect V60 - a favourite brewer amongst all BEAR baristas! ☕️

There are many variations in brewing methods for V60 - this is a good one to get you started. Head to to get all the brewing gear you need plus yummy coffee for home!


A V60 Dripper (we use the Hario 02 Brewer)

A V60 filter paper (to fit your brewer)

24g medium-fine grind coffee (consistency of caster sugar)

400g of 95 degree C water

A set of scales

A timer (or just your phone)

vessel for your brewer to sit on top of

A mug or cup to drink your coffee from


  1. Set up your V60 on top of your chosen brewing vessel. Pop the filter paper in to place and wet it with a little bit of hot water. This will help to get rid of any nasty papery tastes from the filter and will also warm the vessel underneath.

  2. Empty the hot water from the vessel and reset everything, on top of a set of scales this time.

  3. Zero the scales and add 24g of medium-fine grind coffee.

  4. Give the side of the brewer a little tap to level out the coffee, then use your finger to make a shallow well in the middle.

  5. Zero the scales again. Start your timer and add 50g of 95 degree C water. Pour the water in a circular motion, taking care to cover all of the coffee.

  6. Give the brewer a little ’swirl’ to ensure all of the coffee grounds are wet, then leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds. This aids the release of gases like CO2.

  7. When the timer hits 30 seconds, add the remaining water (total 400g) and leave the coffee to drip through. Total drip time should be around 3 mins.

  8. After around 3 mins, once the water has all dripped through, you’re good to go. Pour and enjoy!

Adjust your grind size to taste where needed. Brewed too quickly? Tasting too sour / weak? Grind your coffee a little finer. Brewed too slowly? Tasting bitter? Try a coarser grind.