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Espresso Extracting from Sage Barista Pro
Brew Guide

Beginners Brew Guide: Espresso

Not only can the Espresso possess extraordinary flavours, it’s also super diverse; it can be enjoyed as is, poured over hot water to create a Long Black or Americano, or combined with milk (cold or textured) to create a variety of beverages.
Beginners V60 Brew Guides
Brew Guide

Beginners Brew Guide: V60

The V60 is a favourite home brewing pour over for a lot of our BEAR baristas! Straight-forward to brew and simple to clean, it’s easy to see why the V60 is a standout method amongst beginners and brewing aficionados alike.
Easy French Press Recipe
Brew Guide

Beginners Brew Guide: French Press

Timeless and simple to prepare, the French Press is a hugely popular brewing vessel and a super easy way to brew coffee for a group of people... Or just for yourself.
Nespresso Pod Iced latte
Brew Guide

Pod Brew Guide: Nespresso® Iced Latte

Beat the coffee shop queues and enjoy your favourite iced coffees whenever you fancy. Follow this super easy step-by-step guide and you’ll soon be slurping your own iced coffee on the sofa/office chair/whilst running for the train.
Iced Latte Recipe
Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: Iced Latte

A sunny afternoon in the garden isn’t complete without an iced coffee. Am I right? This simple iced latte recipe starts with a concentrated cold brew, then all you need to do is pour it over some milk and ice!
V60 Coffee Brew Guide
Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: V60

It’s brew time! This week, I’ll be showing us how to brew the perfect V60 - a favourite brewer amongst all BEAR baristas! ☕️
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