Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

On 14th June, The Restaurant & Bar Design Awards announced their shortlist from the 2017/2018 entries... and guess who was amongst them? If you guessed it was us, you guessed RIGHT! Waaaaah!
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Now  in  its  tenth  year,  the  Restaurant  &  Bar Design  Awards  has grown in to a HUGE, globally-recognised competition dedicated to the design of food and beverage spaces (like ours!). Entries from over 70 countries cover every type of space you can think of. From ships, to airports. Museums to burger vans. From fancy Michelin-starred establishments to funky little pop-ups.

On 14th June, they announced their shortlist from the 2017/2018 entries, and we were amongst the world’s leading restaurants, architects, interior designers and hospitality spaces on the list of shortlisted venues!

Along with our super-talented design & architecture team, turnerbates, our Derby store is up for the award of ‘Bar or Restaurant in a Heritage Building’, and if you’ve been in to visit the store you’ll understand why. BEAR Derby is situated inside a listed Victorian ex-bank building, and the interior design has been carefully developed to highlight and compliment the original architecture of the space. 

We evolved our design for BEAR Derby alongside the development of our Uttoxeter site into an all-day environment, from a coffee and dining space to a late night bar with cocktails. turnerbates took inspiration from our brand identity, referencing the influence of outside spaces and the Victorian architecture of the building in the colour palette. The colours also hint to the countries in which coffee originates, and highlight our creativity and dedication to craft coffee with bespoke wall artwork displaying the process of coffee making.

To top it off, the organisers of the awards night have approached us to be one of their on-site bars for the evening too, so we’ll be shaking cocktails and pulling beers whilst nervously awaiting the awards announcements! Yay!

The  winners  of  the  2018  Restaurant  &  Bar Design  Awards  (including  Best  Overall winners)  will  be  announced  during  a ceremony  at  London’s  King’s  Cross  on  the 4th  October.