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Summer Eats

On the go, at your desk, waiting for the bus. Wherever you’re eating, we want to know. #BEAReverywhere

The sun is shining and our menus are getting a makeover! We’re launching lots of yummy new treats for you to try, including lots of fresh salads, lighter breakfast bites, plus - here’s the SUPER exciting bit - a brand new Gluten Free Menu, AND a fully Vegan Menu to go alongside it all too! To take a peek at these, click the location you want to visit on our home page, then scroll down and click the ‘Superhuman’ menu option.

We know what you’re thinking, so don’t panic - we’ve still kept hold of a few of your old faves, although we’ve jazzed some of them up here and there. Here are a couple of new (and old!) treats for you to drool over:

Eggs Benedict
Watermelon & Feta Salad
BEAR Takeaway Food

Fancy an extra 10 minutes in bed? Go for it. We’ve got grab-and-go breakfast AND take away lunch covered now too! Finally, you can ditch the meal deal and have a freshly made, super-healthy, delicious treat… Every. Single. Day! Here are a few options to tickle your fancy:

BEAR Takeaway Breakfast Menu
BEAR Takeaway Lunch Menu