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Uttoxeter Community Morning

On Sunday 8th July 2018, we will be combining forces with our neighbours at Cod’s Corner to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
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In February 2018, the team at Cod’s Corner approached us at BEAR to act as the venue for a ‘Brave the Shave’ event that a group of their employees would be taking part in.

Chrissie is the Co-owner of Cod’s Corner, and she is one of the brave ladies taking part in the sponsored head shave. She tells us what inspired her to organise this fundraiser:

“It’s a cause that’s really close to our hearts – my husband and Co-owner Pani lost his young niece to cancer two years ago, and Teenage Cancer Trust helped her a lot when she was going through Chemotherapy. Fast forward to now, and my sister’s brother-in-law is working for them as a Nurse, so it’s sort of come full circle and linked us back to the charity from the other side!

“We were originally just going to do our Brave the Shave at home and post it as a ‘Facebook Live’ video, but when we pitched our plans to the lovely team at BEAR, they encouraged us to make more of it and they were so eager to help! This is our way of turning something negative that affects so many of our lives completely on its head, and showing that as a community we can stand up against cancer together, and we’ll have fun while we’re doing it.”

With our local community in mind, we have begun devising ways in which we can turn this small act of bravery in to a huuuuuge fundraising opportunity. By reaching out to other local businesses, we have managed to source promotional banners, Face Painters, Live Music acts and a number of exciting Raffle Prizes. All funds raised will be donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust, and the shaved hair will be donated to The Little Princess Trust to be made in to wigs.

It’s so fab to be such a huge part of our local community, and we welcome the opportunity to have fun with all of our customers and the town that has supported us over the years. If you would like to contribute in any way, pop in and speak to Chrissie at Cod’s Corner, or Hattie at BEAR – donations, services and ideas of any kind will be endlessly appreciated!