BEAR at Derby Food & Drink Awards

BEAR on the road!

To say that this weekend has been an absolute whirlwind would be an understatement. 

You may have seen us - even if it was just for a fleeting moment - as we’ve been popping up all over the place, dishing out coffees and cocktails left, right and centre for lots of lovely people to try.

First was the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards down in London. We were shortlisted for the ‘Restaurant or Bar in a Heritage Building’ Award, so the organisers approached us and asked if we wanted to be one of the 4 bars that were there providing cocktails to all of the guests, and OF COURSE we said yes. Although this trip took it out of all of us, we had the most fun and our wonderful pal (come part-time videography whizz), Kyle, came along to video the whole thing for us!


Then, we were in Stone for the Food and Drink Festival, giving out free Flat Whites from just inside the door of our soon-to-be new store. Yay! We met loads of fabulous people which has made us even more excited to get up and running in Stone (if that’s possible!).

Next was the Derby Food & Drink Awards, where we were dishing out more free coffees, teas and hot choccies to all of the Awards Night Guests. We were surrounded by amazing people who all make delicious things, including Andrew Smyth from Bake Off (Lou was very excited). We had been shortlisted for three awards - Best Customer Service, Best Cafe and Best Best Newcomer - and we were lucky enough to win the Best Cafe Award which was a fabulous little surprise!

Safe to say that we were all falling asleep in our coffees by Tuesday morning, but it was worth every ounce of energy and we loved every second!