BEAR Stone building site

Remember, remember the 1st of November...

This is it. The shopfitters in Stone are officially moving full-steam-ahead to get our third store ready to open… Hooraaaay!
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Exactly 11 months to the day after we launched our 2nd store in Derby, we will be officially opening our doors to the already welcoming community of Stone. Thursday 1st November, here we coooome!

We’re moving in to a former HSBC and we’re working closely with our architects and shopfitters to make sure we protect any historic architectural features that remain. Since starting the fit-out, we have already uncovered a beauuuuutiful parquet floor and original marble banking hall tiles. Just wait until you see them.

We’ve already recruited a super-cool dude to be the General Manager for our new store, who will help us to recruit a super-cool team to serve delicious coffee and food to you lovely lot. His name is Eddie and he’s really eager to meet you all!:

“We’ve been working on an exciting launch plan over the past few weeks and I can’t wait to start actioning some of the exciting ideas we have in place! I’m really looking forward to rallying my new team and get to work on wholly integrating ourselves in to the amazing Stone community.”

Stone, get ready…