Beginners V60 Brew Guides

Beginners Brew Guide: V60

The V60 is a favourite home brewing pour over for a lot of our BEAR baristas! Straight-forward to brew and simple to clean, it’s easy to see why the V60 is a standout method amongst beginners and brewing aficionados alike.

The V60's meditative qualities are a trait which we enjoy in early mornings to get us set for the day! There are loads of recipes out there for the V60, but we find this one is a good place to get you started.



  • A V60 Dripper size 02.
  • V60 size 02 filter papers.
  • 20g of medium grind coffee, slightly finer than rock salt.
  • 330g of water, just off the boil.
  • A set of scales, ideally to 0.1g accuracy.
  • A timer (phones are fab too).
  • A vessel for your brewer to sit on top of.
  • Your favourite cup to drink from.


  1. Set up your V60 on top of your chosen brewing vessel. Fold your filter paper along the crease and pop it in place. Pre-wetting your filter paper is a super important step that will help to get rid of any papery tastes from the filter whilst also warming your vessel underneath. Once the water has rinsed all the way through, remove it from your vessel.
  2. Place your vessel and V60 on top of your scales. Zero your scales and add 20g of medium grind coffee. Give the side of the brewer a little tap to level out the coffee, followed by using your finger to make a small divot in the middle of your grind.
  3. Zero your scales again. Start your timer and slowly pour over 60g of water just off the boil, pouring in a circular motion, ensuring to cover all of the grind.
  4. Give the brewer a little ‘swirl’ to ensure all of the grounds are wet and then leave to ‘bloom’ for 30 seconds. Blooming will allow gases to be released from your coffee.
  5. After 30 seconds add the remaining water to a total of 330g in a slow circular motion. Once you hit 330g, use the tip of a stirrer to slightly agitate the top of your brew. Leave this to completely drip through.
  6. Once all the water has dripped through, discard your filter paper, pour your coffee and enjoy!



Tasting too sour? Grind your coffee a little bit finer to increase your brew time.

Tasting too bitter? Grind your coffee a little bit coarser to reduce your brew time.

Tasting too weak and uninteresting? Keep your dose the same and reduce the amount of water you are adding.  

Where possible, try and grind your beans as and when needed. This will ultimately help to keep your coffee as fresh as possible and your brew tasting delicious!