Easy French Press Recipe

Beginners Brew Guide: French Press

Timeless and simple to prepare, the French Press is a hugely popular brewing vessel and a super easy way to brew coffee for a group of people... Or just for yourself.
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The French Press doesn’t require any filter papers, meaning you can get brewing straight away without any additional requirements.

Our recipe is great to get you started and is enough for 2 servings, but can be adjusted for the amount of folk you’re brewing for: simply half the recipe for 1 serving or double for 4. Scroll down for the written method, and to watch our handy step-by-step video too.

  • A French Press.
  • 30g of medium-coarse grind coffee, roughly the consistency of sea salt.
  • 500g of water just off the boil, plus a touch for preheating.
  • A spoon or something to stir with.
  • A set of scales.
  • A timer (phones are fab too).
  • A vessel to decant into.
  • Your favourite cup to drink from.

  1. Preheat your French Press and vessels using hot water. Discard the water afterwards, pop the lid to the side and place your French Press on to your zeroed scales.
  2. Add your 30g of medium-coarse ground coffee and once again zero your scales.
  3. Start your timer and pour over 500g of water just off the boil. Don’t be afraid to pour relatively quickly and aggressively for this brew.
  4. Once your scales hit 500g, give your brew a quick stir to ensure all of the coffee grounds are wet. Pop your lid back on without plunging, remove the French Press from your scales and leave to brew for 4 minutes.
  5. Once 4 minutes have passed remove the lid and use your spoon or instrument to break the layer of coffee that has formed on top and scoop off any floating coffee grinds.
  6. Pop your lid back on and once your timer hits 5 minutes plunge down slowly just beneath the surface; we won’t be plunging all the way!
  7. Pour your coffee straight away to prevent any further brewing and enjoy!

Tasting too sour or weak? Try slightly extending your brew time.

Tasting too bitter? Slightly reduce your brew time.

Where possible, try and grind your beans as and when needed. This will ultimately help to keep your coffee as fresh as possible and your brew tasting delicious!