French Press Recipe

Cookie's Coffee School: French Press

The French Press (or Cafetiere) is a massively popular brewing vessel - definitely the most requested grind size for our online orders. 

This recipe is enough for 2 servings, but can be adjusted depending on the amount of folk you’re brewing for (just half the recipe if its for 1 or double for 4 etc).


A French Press (Cafetiere)

30g coarse grind coffee (consistency of rock salt)

500g of 95ºc water, plus a little for pre-heating

A spoon or stirrer

A set of scales

A timer (or just your phone)

vessel to decant in to

A vessel to drink out of



  1. After preheating your French Press using hot water, remove the lid and pop it on a set of scales. Zero the scales and add 30g of coarsely ground coffee.

  2. Start your timer and carefully pour over 500g of 95ºc water.

  3. Give it a quick stir to make sure all of the coffee grind is wet.

  4. Pop the lid back on, but don’t plunge yet! Leave to brew for 4 minutes.

  5. At 4 minutes, remove the lid and use a spoon or stirrer to break the layer of coffee that has formed on top.

  6. Put the lid back on and plunge that plunger!

  7. Decant the contents in to another preheated vessel so it doesn’t over-brew, then drink. Yay!