Nespresso Pod Iced latte

Pod Brew Guide: Nespresso® Iced Latte

Beat the coffee shop queues and enjoy your favourite iced coffees whenever you fancy. Follow this super easy step-by-step guide and you’ll soon be slurping your own iced coffee on the sofa/office chair/whilst running for the train.


BEAR coffee pods

A Nespresso© compatible pod machine

A vessel (posh word for a glass or cup)

Milk (dairy or non-dairy, both equally delicious!)

Ice cubes


Iced Latte Tutorial

1 - Choose your favourite BEAR coffee pod. 

Go Hometown for chocolatey, treacly goodness.

Fancy something a bit fruiter (and pretending you're ticking off one of your five-a-day)? Try an Adventure pod.

Hit up a Wake Up pod for a post-workout boost. Or just a caffeine boost - we won’t judge.

2 - Pop a pod into your machine and extract your shot. Use two pods if you fancy super punchy flavours and an extra pick-me-up.

3 - Add ice cubes to your vessel of choice.

4 - Pour in your milk of choice to roughly two-thirds of your vessel. Omit milk and use cold water if you fancy an iced long black instead.

5 - Pour your extracted shot(s) over your milk.

6 - Gently stir ingredients to produce an Instagram-worthy coffee ombré.

7 - Kick back and enjoy (or gulp down on the go - whatever floats your boat).


Side note: We recommend enjoying your drink without added sugar to enjoy the fantastic flavours of our coffee pods, but feel free to get creative with your favourite syrups too! Simply pop your syrup into your extracted shot before drizzling over milk.