Nespresso Pod Espresso Martini

Pod Brew Guide: Nespresso® Martini

Already musing those martinis on a Monday evening? We’ve been there. Impress your mates and create your own Espresso Martinis from the comfort of your own kitchen!

Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll be slinging martinis like a pro in no time (flairing not included).



BEAR coffee pods.

A Nespresso compatible pod machine.

A glass (we recommend Coupe glasses for an authentic experience, but we won’t judge).

A cocktail shaker (or any leak-proof container such as a flask will suffice!)

Strainer and fine strainer (don’t have either? A sieve works wonders too.)

40ml Coffee liqueur (we use Mr Black Cold Brew liqueur).

20ml Vodka (we use Absolut Original).

15ml Sugar syrup (equal parts hot water to sugar, stir until dissolved).

Ice cubes.

Optional: Coffee beans to garnish.



 1 - Firstly (and most importantly) choose your favourite BEAR coffee pod.

Got a taste for a touch of treacle? Pop a Hometown pod in your machine.

Grab an Adventure pod for a zesty orange twist.

Add some extra pep and perk to your martini with a Wake Up pod.

2 - Pop a pod into your machine and extract your shot. Use two pods if you fancy super punchy flavours and an extra pick-me-up.

3 - Add your coffee liqueur, vodka, and sugar syrup into your shaker. Once extracted, pour in your shot(s) too.

4 - Add cubed iced to your shaker. Be careful to not overfill with ice as this will cause your shaker to pop open! 4-5 standard sized cubes should suffice.

5 - Seal your shaker, find your rhythm and get shaking! Around 15-20 seconds at a good pace should be enough!

6- Unseal your shaker and strain immediately into your glass.

7- Garnish your creation with three coffee beans in a centred triangle. Or get drinking straight away.

8- Add ‘Mixology’ to your skill set on your LinkedIn profile.

Side note: We recommend adding 15ml of sugar syrup to your martini to create an even balance of flavours. Feel free to add more or less syrup to cater to your personal taste!