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AeroPress Recipe

Cookie's Coffee School: AeroPress

We love the AeroPress at BEAR. It's simple, versatile, portable and makes a great cup of coffee. It’s also great for understanding how changing different variables has an impact on the final coffee flavour!


An AeroPress (plus Filter Papers)

14g medium / fine grind coffee (consistency of table salt)

230g of water heated to 95 degrees celsius

A set of scales

A timer (or just your phone)

vessel to plunge in to

A vessel to drink out of



  1. Set up your AeroPress plunger-end-down (inverted) on a set of scales. Add 14g of medium / fine grind coffee to the chamber.

  2. Start your timer and carefully pour over 230g of 95 degree water.

  3. Use the AeroPress paddle to give it a stir in a North, South, East, West motion. Repeat 3 times.

  4. Prep your filter paper by wetting it with a bit of warm water (watch your fingers!) and re-attache the filter cap to the chamber.

  5. When the timer reaches 1 mins and 30 seconds, pop your vessel of choice over the filter cap and flip the whole lot over. Skills.

  6. Pluuuuuuuunge!

  7. …and drink. Yay! 

Adjust brewing time to taste where needed. (Too sour? Brew for slightly longer. Too bitter / dry? Shorten brewing time.)