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Fava Dip Recipe

Terran's Kitchen: Fava Dip with Sourdough Crisps

Known as Fava in Greece, this dip is super easy and utilises store cupboard ingredients plus that chunk of bread sitting in your bread bin for a tasty movie night snack.
Iced Latte Recipe
Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: Iced Latte

A sunny afternoon in the garden isn’t complete without an iced coffee. Am I right? This simple iced latte recipe starts with a concentrated cold brew, then all you need to do is pour it over some milk and ice!
Breakfast Tacos Recipe

Terran's Kitchen: Breakfast Tacos

This recipe is mega tasty and really easy to put together. In fact, it probably takes less time to make than it will wiping the yolk off your face afterwards.
V60 Coffee Brew Guide
Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: V60

It’s brew time! This week, I’ll be showing us how to brew the perfect V60 - a favourite brewer amongst all BEAR baristas! ☕️
Quick Pickled Onions Recipe

Terran's Kitchen: Quick Pickled Onions

These little pink onions are one of my top five ingredients; they go great with just about anything, from sweet potato and feta tacos, to lentil curry, to BBQ’d meats.
French Press Recipe
Brew Guide

Cookie's Coffee School: French Press

The French Press (or Cafetiere) is a massively popular brewing vessel - definitely the most requested grind size for our online orders. 
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